Carl Moore Artist's Portfolio. About.
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Stormware Light Blue – Edition of 50

Vadergé – Edition of 50
Stormware Light Blue – Edition of 50

Carl makes work that sits on that fine line between comedy and tragedy with a pinch of the absurd. Works include animals pretending to be other animals who use found objects with a splash or two of paint, animals in the act of comedic suicide and another body which plays on the semantics of ice-cream. Dripsters are bold and colourful animals with their clear markings reduced down to individual drips of paint, which appear bar code like in their simplicity. The most recent work develops the Dripsters into super vibrant duotone prints focusing on animals with horns and tusks.

His work has featured in several publications including Art of England and Artists and Illustrators, it has also being selected on a number of occasions for the promotion of a number of organisations. His work has also been collected by a number of celebrities and sold work Worldwide.